30 Years of technology experience

Specvision is the service division of Spectra Innovations

Spectra Innovations is the regions integrated distribution company offering you a wide range of IT, Video Surveillance and Mobile Accessories products and solutions.

With over 30 years of distribution experience, our presence covers South East Asia (ASEAN) and South Asia (SAARC) countries. We distribute some the worlds leading brands in Video Surveillance, Video Management, Video Analytics, Servers, Storage, Networking, Printers, Health Trackers, IT accessories, Digital Asset Management, Cloud Services and Mobile Accessories product categories.

Your trusted technology advisor

We help you by understanding your industry and specific business challenges, to find your perfect technology match.

The best solutions make your business operations comfortable and alleviate the deepest business pains, unlocking the business equivalent of ‘happily ever after.’

We support your business in its relationship with technology

Knowledge Partner

We understand the challenges & use cases of technology in your industry.

The Right Solution

We have a deep understanding of hardware and software to know what to use.

Implementation Support

We help you integrate new solutions with existing hardware & processes to make sure it really works.

Easy Adoption

We act as a transition partner to ease your adoption of technology.

How does working with us work?

How does working with us work?


Have a chat with us about the challenges of your business.


Find your best match, with a technology solution  that works for you.


Your existing security cameras & IOT devices monitor people and your premises.


Our cloud-based platforms perform Intelligent analysis of the video and data.


Get full adoption support and service from us, and start enjoying the benefits!


Business insights streamline your processes, increasing productivity & efficiency.

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