Security At School Campuses – 7 Smart Solutions

In this blog, we’re going to talk about some of the smart technology solutions that schools can implement to manage their operations while ensuring the safety and security of school children. Some of the solutions allow school administration to operate freely and efficiently on a daily basis without the burden of child safety and security hanging over their head like the sword of Damocles.

Security Teams

A Typical Scenario: The chief security officer or manager of a large organization has to manage security guards in 10 different branches in various locations. He has 10 security officers reporting to him, who in turn handle 20 guards in each location. The security guards in each location are stationed in different areas of their designated premises. Is there a better way?

Top Benefits Of A Cloud-Based Intelligent Premises Management System

In the sphere of visitor management system, we have been exploring newer ways of leveraging cloud technology through mobile devices. Using cloud, we are able to enable our users access our applications anytime from wherever they are.

Users of our visitor management system do not have to worry about issues such as hardware, storage, onsite support, or power — they can enjoy the end result of using a cloud-based technology.

Guard Tour System

A security guard should be able to respond effectively to any kind of situation from unprofessional behaviour to serious lapses. He should report incidents to his supervisor and / or the appropriate authorities. In a manual reporting process, there is a time lag and the report may not be helpful or effective, besides being inaccessible by the stakeholders. However, if the guard is equipped with the right system, he can do this immediately and with accurate details along with image and audio notes.

Cloud & Mobile Guard Tour Patrol System – 10 Reasons You Should Go For It

A cloud-based guard tour patrol system is way more affordable than hiring a large crew of guards and managing them manually. Over a period of time, it makes a huge difference in the security overheads of organisations. Not to mention that it significantly heightens the efficiency and productivity of the security team.

This blog is specifically meant for facility managers and security officers who manage manned guards at various facilities, be they business premises, industrial complexes and townships, or educational campuses.

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