A comprehensive visitor management system offers several benefits to a government organization. It offers a delightful experience to visitors, staff, and vendors alike, besides keeping a check on people from entering and exiting the premises with false information. 

A visitor management system system provides handy information about who is inside the premises and who is coming to meet whom, how much time they are spending, how often someone visits, how many visitors a particular staff receives, and so on. These are important information for any organization that cares about its premises security and staff accountability. 

In short, a comprehensive visitor management system can solve serious operational challenges and security concerns that government organizations face on a daily basis.

In this blog, we discuss the overall benefits that government organizations stand to gain by switching from traditional ways of visitor record-keeping to an advanced visitor management system.

7 Reasons why government organizations need a Visitor Management System:

01. Visitor Data Authenticity

Most government organizations in India record visitor data in a register. The problem with such age-old processes is that anyone can enter fake details in the visitor log book and get away with it. 

An advanced visitor management system can authenticate a visitor using his or her phone number, ID proof, along with other details. Fake entries are not possible in the system. Visitor data privacy is also maintained. 

02. Traceability And Analytics

The other problem that most government organizations face is lack of visitor traceability. It is nearly impossible to trace a visitor’s details from a register or conventional software systems.
A strong analytics is a must. A highly advanced visitor management software should have statistical tools to record, store, and analyse data from all aspects. It should allow authorities to view visitor data in real-time on a central dashboard. The administration gets complete traceability for visitor movement and actions with alerts, violation reports, hardware access logs, etc.

03. Prevent Misuse of Premises

Visitors to government offices may say that they want to meet a staff. However, they may or may not even meet the staff or just give false information to gain access to the premises. 

People loiter inside office premises for hours and misuse office facilities. It gives offenders the confidence that  they can get away with their actions. 

A foolproof visitor software equips the security guards, the manager, and the admin with the right tools to verify, allow, or restrict visitor access as needed.

04. Increases Accountability/ Responsibility

When an organization cannot track its visitors and staff, there is low accountability. The security guard and receptionists cannot do much to control who enters and exits the premises. 

The right set of checks and balances increase responsible behaviour, thereby, increasing accountability on the part of both staff and visitors. 

With the right visitor management system, authorities can easily find out how many visitors came to meet a particular staff and for what purpose, how long were they present in the premises. The system catches any abnormal or suspicious activity and helps take the required actions. It alerts and reports to the right set of people – all of these without any manual intervention or the need to lift a finger.

05. Prevent Theft & Pilferage

Petty thefts and pilferage is an ongoing issue in nearly all government organizations. These are a day-to-day nuisance that increases over time when the administration does not monitor visitor entries and exits. 

If visitors knew that their activities and presence in the premises are being monitored, malpractices and pilferages drastically come down. 

Some of our customers have reported zero petty theft within a few months of installing our system – which is a significant achievement for the organizations we work with. – Kevin D’souza, COO at VersionX

06. Access Control Hardware Integrated

Most government organizations have sensitive areas that need higher security than other areas in the premises. A big issue that government organizations face with regard to visitors is – how to automatically restrict their entry to certain areas or buildings of the premises? Once a visitor gains entry, the entire premises – be it buildings, floors, or rooms – become vulnerable. Manual screening or deploying guards in such cases is costly and ineffective.

Integration of the visitor software with access control hardware like – doors, turnstiles, flap barriers, elevators – automatically restricts unauthorized visitor access to specific areas within the premises. 

A visitor management system should go hand in hand with access control hardware. Areas in the office premises marked as “sensitive” or “restricted” should be inaccessible to unauthorized visitors/staff. This should be accomplished without any manual screening or guard presence.

07. Fire Safety Compliance & Emergency Response

Being responsive to emergencies is critical and important to be compliant with safety and security regulations. A visitor management system allows the administration personnel to send emergency alerts to everyone present inside the premises instantly. This helps organizations comply with several fire safety and security regulations and government organizations should take the lead in being compliant with mandates and regulations.

In Summary

An ideal visitor management system should have features that work well together and offer a great experience besides tightening premises security. It should give a seamless experience and eliminate duplication of data, working with multiple vendors, and wastage of time.
A visitor management system with advanced capabilities, that integrates with access control hardware, is a comprehensive and foolproof and future-ready system for all government organizations today.

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